Black River Flooring is the ideal flooring solution for those who want something unique and distinctive to express their discerning tastes. Every one of our products is produced by skilled craftsmen in our state of the art facilities.

The trees used are carefully selected for their yield, age, and size. Whilst ensuring that our woods are from environmentally managed lots that will ensure healthy forests and wood supply for generations to come.

Next the wood is processed at the kilns, essentially to dry the lumber to the exact standards necessary to produce the flooring, thereby controlling everything from log to finished product. Our hardwood floors are kiln dried to between 7% & 9% moisture content. Our pine goes through a “crystallization” process where the wood is kiln dried. And processed to remove 90% of the resins, resulting in a floor that is harder, more stable and trouble free.

Before it is made into flooring, every board is rigorously tested for the correct moisture content, this procedure avoids crack formation, which happens usually when wet boards are placed to finish drying in your house. Finally, once milled into flooring planks, it is off a state of the art U.V finishing plant.

All stages and steps of production, from start to finish are humidity controlled in order to maintain the correct moisture content in the flooring planks while waiting to be delivered to your job site.


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